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(August 30, 2006) Accreditation and Research: Two Sides of the Same Coin? "One piece of information that should be taken from the College of Business faculty meeting held on August 25th (2006) is that the CoB admittedly only takes accreditation issues seriously sometimes, not all the time. Harold Doty's statements to the point that CoB assessment is incomplete were supported by David Duhon's statements that the SACS WEAVE database would be the source for much of the assessment data needed for the AACSB report...".
(July 16, 2006) Sedona "... At the request of readers, this installment examines the co-authorship patterns (refereed articles) of various CoB administrators (departmental chairs, Academic Affairs Dean, and Dean). The table below indicates the names of the authors of refereed articles along with the year of publication....".
(July 17, 2006) Sedona "... In this installment, we present some interesting information about CoB administrators that we have encountered in SEDONA. For example, Roderick Posey’s (Director of Accounting/MIS) entire SEDONA file consists of only 79 words. We will be sure to have calculator in hand when his 2006 merit raise is known...".
(July 19, 2006) COB Confidential "We are happy to introduce a new feature today at usmpride.com with the inaugural issue of COB Confidential, a serial that will examine in detail aspects of what CoB Dean Harold Doty and members of his administrative team (Niroomand, Posey, Babin, and Carter) consider to be confidential aspects of life in academia...".
(August 15, 2006) Mock SEDONA Testimonials [Disclaimer: The SEDONA testimonials below are not real.] "If you've read the "Special Report" that takes one on a Virtual Tour of SEDONA, you know by now that there are "testimonials" from SEDONA subscribers on the company's website. These are provided by College-level administrators at various schools. What follows below is a series of mock testimonials from our own CoB administrators that may be worthy of consideration by SEDONA officials.
(August 20, 2006) Special Report Crockett & Family in the Music City An Investigative Series on CoB Travel "This "Special Report" continues a multi-part examination of Employee Travel Vouchers in USM's College of Business. In this report, we examine the details of a trip made to the April 1997 AAA SE Regional Meeting in Nashville made by Gwen Pate, Roderick Posey, and James Crockett. The details of this trip are interesting, as readers will see below...".