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(May 27, 2008) 2007-2008 CoB Awards Another academic year draws to a close, it is time to look back and salute some of the CoB faculty members would will not otherwise get their just rewards. The following is a list of the major awards:
(May 31, 2008) Perks for Buds Part III For what seems like generations, Ed Nissan has had only first summer term classes (four and one-half weeks). These classes were typically assigned to the British Studies (BS) gang (see Part II).
(May 31, 2008) Special Report Let's Spin the Wheel Gut Courses and Gut Profs in the EFIB Department It's that time again -- time for CoB students to spin the wheel on the course scheduling process and see what comes up. In this report, USMNEWS.NET provides its annual look at grade distributions across courses and faculty in USM's College of Business. As always, the grades are provided to us by pickaprof, and, in the words of pickaprof, these "[g]rade histories are (painstakingly) obtained directly from university records."
(June 20, 2008) Special Report King Edward I An Investigative Series on the Use of the CoB for Personal Gain This Special Report adds to other reports on the CoB's 2007-08 journal ranking process that have been appearing on the pages of USMNEWS.NET in recent days. As those reports indicate, this process was led by untenured assistant professor of economics, Sami Dakhlia, who chaired the CoB's journal ranking committee during the 2007-08 academic year. This particular report examines how the so-called King of the EFIB, Edward Nissan, benefited (or not) from Dakhlia's position on the journal ranking committee.
(June 29, 2008) Special Report Local Brew An Investigative Series on CoB Faculty Research Credentials The recent Special Report installment, Slipstreaming Away, gave USMNEWS.NET readers a window into the kinds of co-authorship practices that are prevalent in USM's College of Business. That report dealt with associate professor of finance John Clark's research in marketing and related areas. Other reports, particularly two on assistant professor of accounting Mary Anderson, show that the so-called slipstreaming practice crosses departmental (unit) boundaries. Not only that, one of the CoB's most contentious episodes -- the double-counting (of research) benefits received by associate professor of accounting, Marvin Albin, in the 1990s was, at its core, also an example of slipstreaming.
(September 3, 2008) Perks for Buds XIV Ed? Ed? Dr. Nissan? Are you back yet? Your contract period started. Are you still in England? Is George Carter teaching your classes again? Does he never tire of it? I guess that is what co-authors do, huh? Did you take leave time for your missed days? You know if – if – you were teaching somewhere else while you were supposed to be teaching here, that is double-dipping that is not supposed to happen. Maybe no one ever cared before, but with a new president, provost, and dean, someone may care now. It is not just a George decision. It absolutely should not be a perk for buds.