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(April 24, 2007) On Nissan's Back Another week, another faculty is leaving the EFIB. This one comes in the form of Stephen Haggard, assistant professor of finance, who is departing for Missouri State University. With every departure that goes by, more and more of the maintenance of the EFIB's research reputation falls in the hands of George Carter, Farhang Niroomand, and Edward Nissan. Of course, given the workload assignments associated with co-authorships among this group-of-three, more and more of that maintenance will fall on Nissan's back.
(May 5, 2007)Pump You Up! A Look at the Professional Recording Practices of Farhang Niroomand Few, if any, CoB faculty go to the lengths that professor of economics and former CoB Associate Dean Farhang Niroomand goes to in order to “promote” his professional accomplishments to other faculty and administrators at the University of Southern Mississippi. There is perhaps no better example of Niroomand’s “resume pumping” than that found in the 2005 USM Faculty Activity Report (FAR05), which was made available by USM’s Office of Institutional Research (see below).
(May 17, 2007) “Disturbance” The State of USM’s College of Business, May-07 It’s no secret to readers of USMNEWS.NET that USM’s College of Business is an organization that unraveling more and more with each passing day. The best example of how far the CoB has sunk in the academic world is the fact that the USM Police Department had to be called to “break up” the CoB’s end-of-year faculty meeting on 4-May-07, a meeting that was presided over by new Interim Dean Alvin Williams and whose program concluded with an unannounced proclamation/statement against www.usmnews.net that was read to the assembled group by newly-hired assistant professor of economics Sami Dakhlia.
(May 23, 2007) COB Confidential Staffers at USMNEWS recently received a parcel containing several items of interest (along with written instructions). This installment of “COB Confidential” examines a portion of that parcel that is relevant to our mission of uncovering the kinds of things that CoB administrators treat as confidential. If you are a regular reader of USMNEWS you are aware that our editor, Marc DePree, is constantly prodding CoB administrators to admit that faculty vitae are not confidential. Usually the prodding is to no avail. This issue of “COB Confidential” relates to that very subject.
(June 27, 2007) 31st & Pearl Deans & Sabbaticals The recent report that Interim Dean Alvin Williams has been awarded sabbatical leave for one part of the 2007-08 academic year questions whether or not Deans can take sabbaticals.