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(March 17, 2008) Breaking News CoB to Nail Down New Dean in Ultra-Secret Process LONG BEACH -- Only 24 hours before the first finalist candidate for the CoB's new Dean position arrives in Mississippi, the current CoB administration announces that the first finalist's visit will begin on 18-March-08 and end on 20-March-08. Details of the hiring process were also just released, as CoB faculty and staff were informed that the interview process will not include dissemination of the finalists' vitae. Instead, the finalists' vitae will marked "Confidential," and housed inside departmental offices, where sign-out sheets will be used to track just who is interested in viewing the vitae. Given the current process, the recent search for USM's President --a search that was as secretive as any seen in the State of Mississippi in recent years -- looks now like an open book.

(March 18, 2008) 31st & Pearl They Should Know Not one of the CoB's former Deans has been able to successfully use the position as a stepping stone to bigger and better administrative posts. That fact includes the two most recent occupiers of the second floor Dean's suite in Greene Hall, William Gunther and Harold Doty. To the contrary, Gunther was fired in January of 2003, while Doty submitted a surprising resignation in April of 2007. Today, with the benefit of hindsight and additional information, Doty's resignation looks more like the type of "let go" scenario Gunther faced five years ago.
(March 18, 2008) Breaking News Fos Releases Nail's Vitae HATTIESBURG – The CoB has always had difficulties "closing the loop," and this year's search for a new Dean appears to be no exception to that rule. College of Health Dean, Peter Fos, who also serves as the Chair of the CoB's Dean Search Committee, failed to close off the confidentiality loop by forwarding (by e-mail) to CoB faculty Lance Nail's vitae. As recently reported, the CoB's administration set up a process to protect the confidentiality of the CoB's Dean finalists, including each candidate's C.V. By forwarding Nail's C.V., Fos opened a hole in the CoB administration's plan.
(March 19, 2008) Let's Take a Moment -- Nail Might be the One by Duane Cobb I realize that the reports and editorials here at USMNEWS.NET haven't been critical of CoB Dean candidate, Lance Nail. They have been critical of the process by which the CoB is conducting its business in this instance, and/or the ways in which the CoB's way of doing things will work to prevent candidates like Nail from receiving a fair shot.
(April 25, 2008) GH Chatter Predictions are circulating around Greene Hall that Lance Nail and Glenn Pittman are frontrunners for the CoB Dean’s job. However, talk in the hall is that President Saunders will go with the younger Nail.
(May 1, 2008) GH Chatter As the USMNEWS ticker has been scrolling for days, it is believed that UAB’s Lance Nail is sitting on an offer from USM President Martha Saunders to be the CoB’s next Dean. People are now saying that the proposed salary is “more than $200,000” per year. If the negotiated salary rises that level, then yet another prediction by USMNEWS will have proven true. That prediction was that the CoB Dean’s position would soon pay more than its counterpart position at the College of Charleston, which is just below $200,000.