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(December 1, 2006) Special Report A Jury of Your Peers? An Investigation into the CoB Advisory Committee’s Role in the Grievance Process, part 3 This report takes a look at the CoB Advisory Committee’s role in the Faculty Grievance process. This subject has sparked interest in usmpride.com readers since the filing of two separate Grievances in recent weeks – one by professors Marc DePree and Tom Lindley, and another by professor Franklin Mixon. Both of these Grievances were initiated against the actions of EFIB Chair George Carter, and the details of both are available at usmpride.com. ... Investigators at usmpride.com examined some of the teaching data regarding Chang-Tseh Hsieh, professor of management information systems.
(January 11, 2007) No More Dr. Nice Guy by Duane Cobb Management professor Stephen Bushardt once remarked to a then-CBA colleague that "if you don't like George Carter, then there's something wrong with you." That was years ago, in the time just after Carter resigned as chair of the economics department in the late 1990s. Since hearing of this statement back in those days . a statement that has become conventional CBA wisdom over the years . I have thought little about it. However, events of the past few weeks and months that have been reported by this website have me thinking about that statement again.
(May 1, 2007) usmnews.net Reporter . . . . . . . . . . . . DEVELOPING STORY May 1, 2007 HATTIESBURG --- Copies of Franklin Mixon's formal misconduct complaint against EFIB Chair George Carter are spreading like kudzu. Copies have been received by usmnews.net Reporter, and the main page at usmnews.net will soon have a copy available for readers (if not already). Mixon's complaint contains some information pertinent to the John Lambert story that our staff reported on in yesterday's news item (see below).
(May 8, 2007) Hosed by Carter Recently, a complaint filed by an EFIB professor against EFIB Chairman George Carter’s 2006 annual evaluation practices made its way to USMNEWS.NET. That complaint, along with other documentation sent to reporters at USMNEWS.NET, provide the basis for this report, which shows that Carter is not inconvenienced by honesty and truth when it comes to the evaluation of the faculty in his department.