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(July 14, 2009) Want Work? Recent reports here at have hinted at various failed job searches carried out by the CoB during 2008-09. Heading into the 2009-10 academic year, what jobs are available in USM's b-school? To answer this question, reporters here at visited USM's employment webpages. The following job postings were found.
(July 29, 2009) CoB News, 29 July 2009 Public Relations Wars With various CoB academic programs thought to be on the cutting block in order to meet president Saunders' $2 million cut for the CoB, one would expect a public relations barrage out of these programs to begin/intensify between now and the 1-Sept-09 deadline for terminating tenured faculty.
(August 5, 2009) CoB News, 5 August 2009 CoB Backer Passes Away Long-time CoB supporter Bruce Rossmeyer died recently (in late July-09) while riding his motorcycle in Wyoming. According to WFTV-9, Rossmeyer owned 15 Harley Davidson dealerships across the United States, and is credited with raising millions of dollars for Central Florida charities. Hundreds of people attended the recent Ormond Beach, FL, funeral service. Rossmeyer was 66 years old.
(August 6, 2009) GH Chatter Speculation that the CoB's economics program is going to be cut is still just that – speculation – yet stories are circulating around JAG that one of ECO's faculty already has alternative employment secured for the 2010-11 academic year. If chatter like this is accurate, then this CoB economist behaved as advised by a op-ed contributor, and protected him/herself from the program-cutting storm to come. Interesting.