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(January 24, 2007) "Dean Cajoled?" Hasn't Doty ever Listened to Lindley? "In the recent 19 January 2007 Assurance of Learning seminar conducted by the CoB ‘s AACSB consultant Karen Tarnoff, CoB Dean Harold Doty remarked that the CoB would not be considered a mature organization until it got to the point where AACSBwork got done without have to be “Dean cajoled.” We feel we must remind Dean Doty of a few things: You came to USM, and virtually on day one you told each and every CoB faculty they were crap (remember all of your one-on-one, get-to-know-you interviews?) ...".
(August 15, 2006) The Past 30 Years: J. Tom Lindley Meets E. Ray Canterbery "After reading the column posted here the other day about the CoB's hiring of Dr. Ray Canterbery, it appears as though he is being brought into USM for the sole purpose of AACSB re-accreditation public relations. I found the quotes from George Carter, the department chair, very insulting to some of the members of the economics and finance department. At that time I sought to obtain possession of the e-mail from Carter. Shortly after getting it, a similar e-mail from Doty, Dean of the CoB was sent out. I have that one as well. I am pasting these into this file, see below:...".
(August 31, 2006) The EFIB's Committee Governance: What Does it Mean? Reports are now circulating that the EFIB department selected the committee governance option that includes the chair, George Carter. The other members elected to that committee governance model are Mark Klinedinst and James Lindley.
(September 1, 2006) 45 Minutes "In the 45 minutes between 12:15 pm and 1:00 pm, the six new faculty in the Department of Economics, Finance and International Business got their first lesson in the CoB modus operandi and in how EFIB chair George Carter executes the administrative script...".
(November 6, 2006) Special Report Old Rivals Collide, and a Clock Gets Cleaned An Investigative Series on CoB Faculty Research Credentials "A look at CoB Associate Dean Farhang Niroomand’s research record has been requested by a number of usmpride.com readers. Our investigators put together a Special Report that compares Niroomand’s research career at USM to what finance professor Tom Lindley published over the corresponding period...".
(January 4, 2007) On Transgressions What makes a “transgression”? Committing an error, having a lapse in judgment, overstepping authority or proprieties, or other wrongdoing – that is what a transgression is. Chairman Carter said he committed a transgression against Dean Doty and asked him to forgive him for it. Confession and repentance is a proper approach. What about the other – and similar – transgressions against others in the CoB?