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(December 18, 2008) CoB News, 18 December 2008 Commentary by Duane Cobb Has it really been a year since Bill Gunther's last (and first) economic outlook conference? Yes, it has, and we don't need to be reminded that Gunther & Co. failed to predict any of the major economic events (financial system collapse, auto-makers' near-collapse, etc.) of the past few months. The same people who dropped $45 for last year's meeting are now being asked to drop another $45 this year -- and during a recession at that. Given last year's results, a visit to the local palm reader might be more appropriate (and cheaper).
(January 6, 2009) A 31st & Pearl Special Series The Gunther Standard A Look at How the CoB is Governed by Exceptions, not Rules As part of the CoB faculty, CoB economist William Gunther is as snug as a bug in a rug. And, why wouldn't he be? He carries a 2/2 teaching load as part of his directorship of the CoB's Bureau of Business & Economic Research. Not only that, the BBER itself is open only 9 months out of the year. Who knew the regional and national economies took summer vacations? Thirdly, Gunther has completely ignored academic research for much of his career, including his 1998-present stint at USM. That's correct -- WG has completely written off the 1/3 to 1/2 portion of the job that Mississippi taxpayers are paying him a cool $130,000 per year to perform.
(January 12, 2009) GH Chatter How do all of the CoB's (permanent) deans compare against one-another? A recent chatter held the following ranking: (1) Ty Black, (2) Lance Nail, (3) Bill Gunther, (4) Joe Greene, and (5) Harold Doty. It's interesting that Nail would already rank second to some. It's no surprise, however, that Harold Doty brings up the rear.
(January 23, 2009) CoB News, 26 January 2009 Fun with Economic Outlook Conference 2009 by Hal Greene Director of the CoB’s Bureau of Business & Economic Research, William Gunther, draws a graph (on a napkin) showing some fellow Economic Outlook Conference 2009 attendees the benefits of scheduling this year’s conference on one of Gunther’s teaching days.
(February 6, 2009) The Former Dean’s Teaching Load The CoB has 2 former deans: Bill Gunther and Harold Doty. Both teach only 2 classes per semester. It is true that Doty taught 3 courses in the fall, but he has only one class this semester. He has nothing else, especially in the way of research. Gunther has the BBER that apparently exists to kill one teaching day a semester for him. He has not published anything in the manner of quality research since his Alabama days (if then). Since both draw salaries in the $125,000 range, what are the taxpayers getting for their money?
(February 11, 2009) “With all due respect Mr. Gunther . . .,” WILLIAM GUNTHER, the BBER, & ECONOMIC STIMULUS CoB economics professor, and Bureau of Business & Economic Research director William Gunther was interviewed by WDAM-TV, Hattiesburg’s NBC affiliate, for a report that aired on 10-Feb-09. During his interview with the station’s Colleen Donovan, shown below, Gunther looked much like a cheerleader for the $800+ billion federal government stimulus package that is currently being debated (and voted upon) in the United States Congress.