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(July 6, 2008) "What You Talking 'Bout, William?" CoB Continues to Make Negative Impression on General Public Some say that if you look at the various "Centers" in a Tier IV business school you'll find that school's worst faculty. According to sources, the CoB (a Tier IV business school) is not an exception to that "rule." The Bureau of Business and Economic Research is directed by William Gunther, the only non-AQ faculty in economics at USM. Gunther's assistant in the BBER is Edward Ranck, whose credentials are essentially a mystery to most CoB faculty. Inside the BBER is the Center for Economic Education, which is directed by Susan Doty, an instructor in economics who does not hold any real economics credentials and who is the wife of former CoB dean, Harold Doty. Then there is the CoB's Center for Financial Services, which is directed by associate professor of finance, John Clark. According to insiders, Clark is arguably the CoB's best example of the kind of "do-nothing" college professor that so many in the Hattiesburg area criticize. If you pass by the first floor CFS, you are likely to find a dark, empty room.
(September 10, 2008) Economoney A Look at the 2008-09 Salaries in ECO Continuing recent reports examining some of the financials in the CoB's economics unit, this report presents the 2008-09 salaries for all of the CoB-H's economics faculty. These data, which come from the 2008-09 USM Budget Book, are shown below in Table 1.
(September 11, 2008) Help a Guy Out 10 Retirements that Would Make the CoB Better and Nail’s Job Easier by Duane Cobb To hear some tell it, by accepting Martha Saunders’ invitation to govern the CoB, new dean Lance Nail has walked into a snake pit-like situation. Though the problems in USM’s business school are both vast and deep, they are not insurmountable. However, Nail’s job would be made a lot easier if a number of CoB faculty who are thought to be in the “retirement window” would sign the necessary PERS acceptance papers and exit stage left. This essay lists the top 10 CoB faculty fitting this description. It provides some narrative as to why these ten were both chosen and ordered as they are here.
(September 14, 2008) Brass on the Go? A Look at the 2008-09 Job Search Possibilities Facing Doty, Gunther and Niroomand With at least three current faculty seeking business dean posts elsewhere, USM's College of Business has to be considered the home to the most dean candidates nationwide for a b-school the size and caliber of USM's CoB. These three individuals are former CBA dean William Gunther, former CoB dean Harold Doty, and former CoB associate dean Farhang Niroomand. And if by some chance current CoB dean and current CoB associate dean Lance Nail and Joseph Peyrefitte, respectively, are looking to be deans elsewhere, then the real number is five, not three.
(December 3, 2008) CoB Pathfinders How Residency Decisions are making the CoB Bush League The fact that various CoB faculty are living outside the borders of Mississippi is now well known. In recent years, various CoB faculty have maintained permanent residences in Alabama, Florida and Louisiana. One of these, accounting professor Charles Jordan, maintains a permanent residence in Panama City, Florida, a fact that was highlighted in a recent Breaking News story about Mary Anderson. Others who have made, or continue to make, at least weekly journeys in recent months are economist William Gunther and assistant professor of international business John Lambert.