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(April 21, 2008) Dear First-Year Business Students, Congratulations on choosing Southern Miss' College of Business for your educational pursuits. The faculty in each of our four departments and schools think with one mind, so you won't face any confusion from the diversity of thought that is often encountered by students majoring in one of USM's four other colleges. As you progress in your academic careers, some of you will meet with varying degrees of success, while others of you will fail. Should you become one of the students who faces academic suspension at some time in your career here, please don't hesitate to stop by and talk to me, regardless of your choice of major. The COB's Undergraduate Services Director is Gwen Pate, and she has the final say in overturning the college suspension committee's decision to deny your hardship appeal. Gwen is also an associate professor of accounting, so she works for me. I can talk to her for you and we can have that suspension committee's decision overturned. (Don't worry, Gwen is known around Greene Hall for caving.)
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(October 29, 2008) A Political Message from Hal Greene Harold Doty would have you think that he believes in faculty governance, and that he supports applying an annual faculty evaluation fairly . . . But, his record tells a different story . . .
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