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(July 9, 2008 ) CoB Flashback: April 23, 2006 In late April of 2006 the CoB's accrediting agency, the AACSB, held what former CoB dean, Harold Doty, referred to as its last annual meeting before the CoB's February of 2007 Maintenance of Accreditation visit. In a memo to former USM provost, Jay Grimes, Doty stated that the meeting was so important to the CoB's accreditation prospects that the CoB's entourage should include Doty, Farhang Niroomand (former CoB associate dean), Francis Daniel (former CoB director of graduate programs) and Gwen Pate (CoB director of undergraduate services).
(July 10, 2008 ) Boiler Plate? By Duane Cobb So, it seems that CoB accountant Patty Munn believes that institutional governance documents, such as a university's integrity policy, are "boiler plate" documents and can be copied "without proper citation" by anyone wishing to use them. Munn and others are now using the "boiler plate" argument to justify the CoB's (Doty administration's) copying of the academic integrity policy developed by Syracuse University's Whitman School.
(July 21, 2008 ) Special Report Growing Race in Management An Investigative Series on CoB Faculty Research Credentials As far as USM's business school is concerned, no unit has fought against academe's shift toward a research-activity like management. With current and former management faculty like David Duhon and Stephen Bushardt in the fold, and so often holding important administrative positions, the proverbial "research culture" never really had a chance to gain a foothold in management. As a result, there are not many candidates for "the greatest ever" in management, and all of them are 21st Century faculty. And, as reports here at have revealed, both of the finalists --- former CoB dean, Harold Doty, and associate professor Jon Carr --- have records that show multiple co-authors and a considerable degree of so-called "academic slipstreaming."
(July 25, 2008) CoB News, 25 July 2008 How Much do Juries Love Doty? CoB insiders tell that, though readers can get a fairly good sense of the shortcomings of former CoB dean, Harold Doty, through reports here at, one really needs to "experience" Doty firsthand to get a true appreciation of him. If so, local juries who may soon be getting a personal taste of Doty's ". . . salty personality" will be able to test insiders' beliefs about "the Doty experience."