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(September 18, 2006) Does the “B” Stand for Boondoggle? More Shenanigans in Doty’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research "It’s no secret in the CoB that the Bureau of Business and Economic Research is an empty shell. There is no staff, there is no activity, there is no ongoing research program, and there is no Gunther, at least not much of the time. Why is that? Our investigators believe they have found one source of the inactivity of the BBER. That source is located near the sunny shores of Pensacola Beach. That source is the University of West Florida. … Based on what we’ve uncovered to date, the CoB’s Bureau of Business and Economic Research appears to be the greatest invention since the Internet,at least for Harold and Susan Doty (it’s a free-and-clear-from USM income stream) and William Gunther (it’s a 1-course teaching load reduction without extra work). ..." For more information, see Quotable Doty, part 2 and part 3. See also, USM Net Contribution Spreadsheet which pegs Gunther's 2005 USM salary and fringe benefits at $144,000+)

(September 12, 2006) The Case of the Stifled Server "On September 8, 2006, the CoB email server breathed its last breath…or did it? The CoB was, once upon a time, one of the first colleges at USM to have its own mail server to enable email as a standard form of communication. Faculty and administrators were willing to route resources to make sure that reliable email was available, as it was in the world outside USM. Former college tech officer Kevin Sellers maintained that original server as it limped along in its old age, and, when it finally died, Harold Doty proudly proclaimed that there would be not one but two new servers - a main server and a backup server. This was approximately 2004. Now, two years later, the CoB's new tandem email server system is kaput...".
(September 15, 2006) CoB Fundraising: Doty vs. Gunther A Look at Partnership Society Donations in Spring of 2002 and Spring of 2005 "This report compares the fundraising talents of current CoB Dean Harold Doty to that of former CoB Dean William Gunther. To do so, our investigators compared Partnership Society membership rolls and giving levels at two points: Spring of 2002 and Spring of 2005. Membership rolls and giving levels were reported in both the Spring 2002 and Spring 2005 issues of Joint Venture, the CoB highlights magazine...".
(September 18, 2006)The CoB Beauty Parlor Coming Soon "A new set of fees could soon be added to student accounts in the College of Business, and they're sure to be controversial. The CoB, which already tacks $19 per semester onto each student's bill to cover the cost of the Wall Street Journal Academic Partnership Program, is currently looking to continue its trend of unabashed totalitarianism by creating a new system of requisite expenses for seniors in the CoB...".
(September 18, 2006) Doty's Shameful Treatment of Dr. Lo "Assertions made at USMpride.com indicate that Doty and his team of administrators merely neglected to properly reward one of the CoB's most productive junior faculty members, former Assistant Professor of Economics Melody Lo. Lo departed USM in May for a similar position at the University of Texas-San Antonio and a rumored 40% pay hike."