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(August 20, 2006) Invitation or Invoice? A Look at the Cost to the CoB of "Invitations" to its Faculty This report examines one of the patterns that researchers are finding as USMPRIDE.COM explores the CoB's travel vouchers. That pattern is one of CoB faculty being "invited" the speak at various places overseas, only to have the CoB pick up the tab after all is said and done. To date we have discovered three such cases, one involving Farhang Niroomand (Associate Dean and Professor of Economics) and two involving Chang Tseh-Hsieh (Professor of MIS).
(December 1, 2006) Special Report A Jury of Your Peers? An Investigation into the CoB Advisory Committee’s Role in the Grievance Process, part 3 This report takes a look at the CoB Advisory Committee’s role in the Faculty Grievance process. This subject has sparked interest in readers since the filing of two separate Grievances in recent weeks – one by professors Marc DePree and Tom Lindley, and another by professor Franklin Mixon.
(April 3, 2007) Heroes and Storytellers In a recent report, readers were treated to some of Management Professor Stephen Bushardt’s views on rewards, specifically the Hero/Storyteller Culture. This columnist began thinking about exactly who the Heroes and Storytellers currently are in the CoB and who might be next. Remember that Heroes aren’t really heroes; they are simply the individuals who are the poster children for how the corrupt Bushardtian Establishment wants things done. As a word of note, there is a third category added – Hybrid – that denotes individuals who are used in different situations at different times. What follows is a best guess list for each category.
(May 9, 2007) Special Report Into the Fold: Chang Hsieh's "Journal Family" An Investigative Series on CoB Faculty Research Credentials It is fairly well known within USM's College of Business that Chang Hsieh's "academic reach" (with regard to journal affiliations) is quite long. A quick look at Hsieh's SEDONA vita reveals that very picture:
(May 14, 2007) SAIS News, May 2007 There are a number of news items of interest coming out of the SAIS in recent weeks. This May 2007 update will touch on a few of these.
(October 22, 2007) Breaking News And They're Off HATTIESBURG – Sources tell USMNEWS.NET reporters that a number of CoB faculty appear to have taken the week of 10/15 – 10/19 (the week of Fall Break 2007) off. One of these appears to be Sami Dakhlia, an assistant professor of economics who joined the CoB in August of 2007 (14 months ago). The possibility of Dakhlia being away from the CoB during the week of Fall Break 2007 is made more interesting by reports that he (Dakhlia) spent all of the week of Fall Break 2006 teaching a course in France.
(October 22, 2007) Ethics Update, October 2007 There are a number of interesting stories on the ethics front in the CoB to update USMNEWS.NET readers on. Let’s get started.